Category: Case of The Week

18 Jul 2018

Case of The Week #3

Case of the week: Low Back Pain and Sciatica from Spondylolisthesis

52 year old man with years of worsening low back pain and sciatica. Imaging shows L5/s1 spondylolisthesis (slipped bones) with nerve compression

Treated with anterior lumbar inter body fusion. Placement of revolutionary 3D printed titanium cage.

6mo postoperative and pain free for first time in years!

02 Jul 2018

Case of The Week #2

Case of The Week: Chronic Lower Back and Leg Pain Relief With Spinal Cord Stimulation

73 year old woman with chronic low back and leg pain with a history of five prior back surgeries without relief.

Spinal cord stimulator placed 6 month ago. She reports 100% relief of her leg pain and 75% relief of back pain. So happy to be able to take her grand kids to the movies!

26 Jun 2018

Case of The Week #1

Case of The Week: Severe Right Leg Weakness, Numbness and Pain from Disk Herniation

56 year old man presented with severe right leg weakness, numbness and pain. MRI seen below shows large disk herniatiation at L5/S1.

Had Minimally invasive L5/S1 microdiskectomy. After 45 minute surgery (incision less than 2cm) woke up with complete relief of his pain.

Now 4 months after surgery has returned to full activities and remains pain free.